Dynamics & Expressive techniques

  • Intro – one guitar with distortion playing harmonics

Drums and vocals enter, piece becomes louder

Vocals are screaming

Full band enters volume increases

  • Pre chorus – use of vocal effects

Guitars palm muted

  • Chorus – vocals change between clean and screaming vocals
  • Bridge – utilization of guitar feedback and harmonics
  • Chorus – One guitar drops out and piece becomes softer
  • Bridge – vocal reverb

Tone colour

  • Guitars – distorted. Feedback is very high, shrill sound
  • Male vocals – harsh screaming & clean singing in chorus
  • Drums – percussive
  • Bass – harsh, warm, dark


  • Regular, steady beat
  • Time signature 44
  • Moderate tempo
  • Guitar plays mostly short detached notes. Plays long notes in chorus. Uses ostinatos
  • Bass plays mostly short detached notes and phrases. Ostinatos.
  • Irregular rhythms in bridge

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